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Establishing policies, practices, and technologies for collecting, storing, and securing data to ensure its quality, accessibility, and proper usage.

Providing senior-level leadership and decision-making to align an organization's strategy with its objectives. We have experience with leading up to 900 resources within a single Business domain and 3000 resources program-wide. We don’t overanalyze, avoid micromanagement and move towards an effective decision making process and develop self-steering teams. Stakeholder management is an element we are well trained in.

Overseeing the planning, execution, and completion of specific projects or programs to ensure they meet objectives on time and on budget.

Identifying and executing growth opportunities through partnerships, market expansion, or new revenue streams.

Leveraging data analytics to guide marketing strategies, enhance customer engagement, and increase ROI. We have a trackrecord of a being a ‘lead generation bomb’, so we will first assess if your company can handle the projected growth from a logistic and organizational point of view.

Data backed insights on market developments and trends around the allocation of financial assets like stocks, ETF’s, commodities and real estate to achieve specific financial objectives.

Data backed insights and strategy on buying and selling financial instruments, within shorter time frames compared to investing, aimed at capitalizing on market fluctuations. Next to that we can set-up indicator models based on both fundamental and technical analytical data input.

Advising on political strategies, campaign management, and public policy to influence public opinion or achieve legislative goals. We also share meaningful experiences of how internal conflicts can disrupt your party and share insights on how to avoid this.

Some of our CLIENTS & collaborations

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