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On some occasions we provide remote or on-site training events related to Data Governance & Management. Any consultant (junior to senior) can benefit from these trainings, as we combine both DAMA-DMBOK methodology and valuable practical experiences from real-life scenarios. Sometimes we host sessions as a speed-foundation course with a project-onboarding goal.

The DAMA Guide to the Data Management Body of Knowledge (DAMA DMBOK) is a comprehensive framework designed to standardize the practice of data management across various disciplines. Developed by the Data Management Association International (DAMA), the methodology covers a wide range of data management areas, divided into 11 core knowledge areas including Data Governance, Data Architecture, and Data Quality, among others. Each knowledge area outlines best practices, techniques, and procedures that guide how data should be managed, stored, and used within an organization. The DMBOK serves as both a guide for data management professionals and a tool to help organizations develop a common language and understanding around data management. Its modular approach allows organizations to focus on specific areas of interest or need while maintaining a holistic view of data management. The guide is designed to be vendor-neutral and technology-agnostic, emphasizing principles and practices that can be applied in any technology environment. It also aims to align data management practices with business objectives, ensuring that data acts as a true organizational asset. Organizations often use DAMA DMBOK as a reference standard for developing or enhancing their data management programs. It is widely recognized and accepted as a benchmark for data management best practices. Overall, DAMA DMBOK provides a structured approach to managing data as a valuable enterprise asset.


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