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Investment Management

Supported by data, we deliver insights in market developments and spot trends in an early stage. Depending on your personal situation we highlight strategies and opportunities. Not every instrument fits every individual or organization. This insight-service is only provided following specific requests from larger organizations or high net worth individuals (HNWIs). The execution and responsibilities of financial investments will always lie with the acting party. We always refer to official licensed financial advisors whenever we assess that is a better fit for the client.


Our philosophy is that effective trading consists of roughly 80% fundamental and 20% technical analyses with solid risk and emotion management in place. We are not associated with free-YouTube analyses, textbooks or online courses which costs 10 to 250 USD. We believe quality trading is a hard earned skill with many ups-and-downs.

We can provided tailored indicator models to most available assets, which supports you in placing well calculated positions.

While we personally trade a wide arrange of assets, we mainly focus on the commodity market, with a specialty in energy (WTI Oil and US Natural Gas). On this front we cheerish a strong partnership with Energy Rogue, where we provide contributions to the data-backed platform which we endorse.

Any executed trade is always your own responsibility and decision. When you require execution, active portfolio management or binding advice we always refer to official and licensed financial advisors.

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